Sun Dance


Sun Dance

In creating a new urban townscape in the middle of the unique lakeside milieu of Tampere Pyhäjärvi the proposal “SUN DANCE” strives to maximize the use of all the natural elements, land, water, air and light in all the forms which the site offers. To meet the competitions goals “SUN DANCE” maximizes the amount of preservable and new green areas by condensing its built urban structure with four main measures: 1. By connecting the North Side Viinikanlahti Bay Park to the proposed new open park built to replace the main part of the old sewage water treatment plant. 2. By restoring and preserving the existing lakeshore path with its dense green wall and its bat and flying squirrel route to the Hatanpää Peninsula Park. 3. By condensing most of the housing program in a 550 meter long canal quarter formation of which the first central part is built on the existing land area and the second part of three apartment blocks is built upon filled lake area. 4. By placing the expected towers in a loose formation next to the new park area preserving the green character of the Hatanpää Main Road.

Sijainti: Tampere

Kuvat: ARRAK Arkkitehdit

Video: Aki Sahrman